Back in my home state of Michigan, the governor and both houses of the state legislature are in the process of passing a bill that will allow the administration to:

1) Declare a local school district, village, town, or city to be in a state of severe financial hardship based on a variety of factors—or because they pass a resolution deciding to investigate it.

2) In such a state, an ‘emergency manager’ (from any locality the governor chooses) can be appointed by the governor to takeover and increase the executive functions of that principality, including: abolish contracts, dismiss the local representatives (by keeping them from the workplace and eliminating their wages), create an education plan for the school districts (though he needs no experience in school matters), and even dis-incorporate or dissolve the municipal government.  Oh yeah, he and his staff are immune from liability as well.

3) This bill is to help relieve the local government of its financial burden—by charging them with the salary of the emergency manager and his staff for ‘actual and necessary’ expenses and paying the attorney general for defending the act in the case of lawsuits?

All I can say (well, clearly this won’t be the case), is What The “fill in your favorite four-letter word.”  Did they really think they’ll get away with this? (Well, it has passed both houses and is on the verge of passing, so apparently they did).  There have been protests (not on the scale of Madison, WI), but it nearly flew under the radar.  However, there is not widespread knowledge of this yet, and I can only hope we’ll see impeachments as a result of this flagrant and heinous attempt at usurping the most fundamental rights of a democratic society.

Further, I don’t think this falls under treason as those crimes usually are reserved for the state and federal level. But if this isn’t plotting to overthrow local governments (despite being in sneaky legalese), I can’t think of a much more insidious example.

For all the extremists’ claims that the current presidential administration is fascist, I don’t recall them ever enacting a law for the removal of a lawfully elected official on a whim (which, of course, is what historically fascist governments actually have done).  But let’s not let facts get in the way of hyperbolic rhetoric…again.