So I was thinking about our political spectrum again the other day, and I feel as though I need to revisit my previous post about the Tea Party.  Although I disagree with their platform on the order of something like 126%, I must say, they’re doing what our system should allow for.  Fed up with both parties, they’ve created their own and will hold their candidates to task (we’ll see in the 2012 elections).  And I gotta begrudgingly give them props for doing so.

I’ve long held that it is impossible for 2 parties to cover the political identities of the entire range of our citizens considering how multi-faceted we are (as people) and the large number of political issues that exist.

I mean, could you imagine  if we walked into a Starbucks and we could only order a coffee (black) or a Venti Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha (with whipped cream)? We’d be outraged! There would be rioting in the streets! We’d demand satisfaction and punish Starbucks for giving us so few options, neither of which satisfy the majority of their customers.

Yet we can only vote a) Democrat or b) Republican to elect those who will run our country.  You know, govern 300+ million people, control trillions of dollars, and decide when to use thermonuclear weapons.


Supposedly, the self-described “independent” segment of our political spectrum is growing larger than ever before.  So, why aren’t there more parties popping up?

I’d like to offer an idea for another political party: The Rational Party.  Based on logic, reasoning, and strong evidence, we would churn out our stances on various issues with impunity.  We’d hold our collective ground against those opposed to what we stand for, but do so in a civil, constructive, and productive manner.  Sounds a lot like some papers I read that were written around 1787.

Who’s with me?!

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