I came across this article in my strange and unpredictable wanderings of the cloudy ether (i.e. the Internet) which challenges 10 top fashion designers to make “killer Halloween costumes” out of everyday objects.

At first, I quickly skimmed the drawings and descriptions until I came across this gem by the good people at Vena Cava:

Fashion designers call this "Sexy ghost"

That’s right, the top designers of the so-called “fashion” world are apparently only slightly more competent than Charlie Brown.

(Hey, at least Charlie's holes are actually circular!)


Seriously, what a pair of stones these folks must have to pass this off as some brilliant design that has existed since bed sheets were invented.  In their description, the designers offer a way to up the creepy factor: “Bonus points if you use kids’ sheets with Roger Rabbit or Peanuts characters on them.”  Me thinks irony is lost on these shining stars (or they’ve slipped and revealed the source of their plagiarism).

But then I took another look at the models that were depicted in these fashion drawings, and they all had one thing in common; they were the human equivalent of the following:

What a sad state of affairs it is when a profession is not only conceptually reduced to a thin piece of wire, but that concept is then actualized in the people of that profession.

Sure there’s some backlash against this trend for models, but not nearly enough.  With a young daughter growing up in this era of media-blitzkreigs, I’ll try and teach her just how utterly ridiculous these body images are, and hope that she does not internalize their insidious messages.