This week has been interesting as we all came down with the Nurgle (aka a head cold).  But, nonetheless…

I’m thankful for:

  1. All of us being sick at the same time—it forced us to slow down, take it easy, and cuddle up without fear of getting, you know, sick.
  2. The Occupy Wall Street protesters that are still fighting the good fight.  What I feared would have been a flash-in-the-pan movement has shown real staying power.  Their continued vigilance keeps our country’s wealth inequality in the news and in peoples’ thoughts.  And I’m thankful for them because I can’t be there.
  3. For my daughter who always can bring a smile to my face.  This week it was her excitement when I come home from work and standing around with her hands in her pockets (a new discovery).
  4. That the world’s knowledge base somehow survived a day of Wikipedia’s blackout.

How about you?