Every Monday brings this heart-breaking refrain from my daughter (V): “No daddy work-a-days!” (with a pout and sad eyes to pile on the emotional pressure).

She just got used to having me around for the weekend when she has to let me go again.  And of course, I can’t accommodate her wishes.

Sometimes, she even cries in the garage as I back out, and the loud screeching of the shutting door barely drowns her sadness out in real life, let alone in my head and heart.

In her more clam moments, she can talk about “work-a-days” and knows I’m at the office a lot–so much that, upon seeing a picture of my building, she asked “daddy live there?”

All of these moments come crashing down on me every time I have to leave her beautiful face.  My only solace is that she gets to stay home with an equally beautiful wife who will make sure our daughter learns, has fun, and grows up healthy.

Yet, even as I pour my heart out here, I know I’m missing precious time that I’ll never get back, and I can’t help but feel even emptier for having voiced these thoughts.

So hold on to your little one every chance you get; certainly not for my sake, but for that special bond only you can foster between parent and child.