This week, I’d like to Pour My Heart out in thanks and gratitude to some fellow writers I’ve discovered during my own journeys in the blogosphere.  In no particular order…

1. My wife: her blog is heartfelt, insightful, deep, and practical in its offers of introspective musings, parenthood, and activities for kids.  Plus, she’s, you know, kinda hot.

2. Jessica from Team Rasler: another insightful writer, she’s a wordsmith and I always appreciate our comment exchanges on our posts.

3. Niki Rudolph: yet another great writer with important insights (I’m sensing a theme here); not only does she bring important issues into the light of day, but she also sprinkles her posts with a great sense of humor.

4. Monkey See: a friend of mine enlightened me to this movie reviewer on NPR.  She’s comedic gold…and usually spot-on with her reviews.  (And I normally ignore movie reviewers, so you know she must have struck a compatible chord with my world-view!)

5. And last but not least, Shell from Things I Can’t Say: not only has she provided a great gathering place for bloggers to speak their hearts, but she endeavors to respond to each one, no matter how many are on her page!

Of course, my blogroll highlights other interesting blogs, but these deserve a special shout-out.

(Incidentally, I noticed that these are all posts by smart, capable women.  Let’s step it up fellas.)

So thanks all for the laughs, inspiration, and important issues you bring to our attention.