So if you’ve been reading my blog (or know me personally), you have probably come to the conclusion that I generally have a pretty low opinion of humanity.  I usually post about how our political systems are broken, how we’re consciously engineering the technological seeds of our own destruction, or how silly we act on social networking sites.  Given the evidence, your conclusion would certainly be reasonable.

But here’s the secret: I’m a closet optimist.

You can take a second if you need it; it’s even hard for me to believe sometimes.

I’ve tried going to sites like the Good News Network or Happy News.  There’s definitely some feel-good stories there (and around the Internet), but it’s not always enough to get me out of my funk.

But yesterday, I came across this video:

I’ll admit it, I got a bit misty-eyed.

Maybe it was because the film-maker seemed genuine and just wanted to help young Caine out (they’ve even started a scholarship fund for him).

Perhaps it was because I’m a dad and I know there are few other infectious joys like watching your child’s face light up with happiness.

Or maybe it was just because I needed a reminder that not everyone out there is stepping on their fellow man to get ahead in this world.

You see, I’m an optimist because I believe despite our tendencies toward selfishness, eg0-centrism, and general base behavior, a person can choose not to be these things.  A person can choose to be better, act with integrity, generosity, and compassion.  It’s often difficult for many of us, but it is possible.

And making those choices will change the world.

Whatever the reason, thank you Nirvan Mullick for a short film that restored some of my faith in humanity.