It has been awhile since I posted an update of my daughter V’s unique perspectives on life and her pithy sayings.   I hope you enjoy the following monthly roundup.

1. V and I are still doing daddy-daughter date nights.  Recently, I asked her what she wanted to do that night and she was very excited to “paint daddy’s guys” (wargame miniatures); she said she “loves painting daddy’s guys, and loves mommy and daddy, too.”  (At least she’s got her priorities straight!)

2. One morning when searching for something to eat, V looked at our last, very brown banana and said “that banana sad.”  (I couldn’t really argue with that!)

3. Later, when I threatened to tell mom that we weren’t going for a walk because she wasn’t doing a good job of listening, she said “go for it!”  (I thought the teen years were a ways away yet?)

4. And, when I was in the other room, my wife and V were trying to untie the bandages I wrapped around their arms when we were pretending to be doctors; when they had trouble, Pam told Val I tied it tight and Val said “daddy’s a silly old man.”  (Out of the mouth of babes, eh?)

5. On the couch today, V and I were discussing Rudolph’s tail, and she said it was a “little one.” I asked how big her tail was, and she answered “tiny.”  Then she graciously pointed out: “daddy has a big butt.” (And she cannot lie…)

Can’t wait to see what else she comes up with over the next few months!


"What can you do against such cuteness?"