Continuing to celebrate National Photography Month, this week’s theme is travel! (Mostly).

These shots are from trips I took with my wife (in our pre-child phase).

This was an abandoned asylum up in Michigan; a little cyan filter gave it an interesting look.

This was a shot my wife took of an woman walking uphill in Tarragona, Spain.  It’s one of our favorites because of the candidness and all the great memories!

This was also in Spain, up in some mountains near the Montserrat Monastery.  The weather was amazing (it was in December and was actually warmer up in the higher altitudes), and was really one of the most peaceful places we had ever been (that wasn’t near water).

Also in Michigan, we took a relaxing cruise on a “large mast” tour, and, having seen so many nautical shots, thought I’d try my hand at one.  There’s another rope one around here somewhere, but this one is more colorful.

Our Capitol building; politics aside, it’s still a great piece of architecture!

And finally, a lightning shot from our back porch–because it was the only one that came out.

Thanks for looking; feel free to share any photos from your travels, we love to see new places!