This week has been fraught with little sleep thanks to teething…(not mine, our daughter’s).

I’m thankful for:

1. That she’ll get those molars in to chew up some new foods.

2. Bootcamp-though it’s tough, I’ve finally run a mile! (Which, for a sprinter, is pretty cool).

3. Brynholf beginning his Saga of the Hunter in style by braining a Tervigon. (If you can decipher that, kudos!)

4. Getting a good deal on some Dark Eldar to bolster my forces. (Hey, it can’t be all about semi-deep and serious stuff).

5. My wife’s excitement over a Celtic-themed day for our friend’s kids she’s watching.

6. Hanging at the beach with some friends. (I am not, however, thankful for other beach-goers who can’t keep their poop where it belongs. More on that later).

How about you?