Given our daughter’s ever-growing ability to interact with the world, we’ve had some interesting conversations as of late.  As a sporadically-occurring subset of my “daddy blog,” I present the first installment of “V’s Fireside Chats.”

1. Setup: While on a weekender in Luray, VA, we stayed at a local hotel.  Having arrived late (from a Renaissance Fair), I turned the TV on to indulge in that vice we cannot do at home—channel surfing.  I came across Spiderman 2, and left it on for a bit.  V was fascinated and a bit nervous about the Sandman character, but we eventually decided it was too intense and turned it off. 

A week later the following conversation occurred:


(V): “Where did the sandperson go?”

(Me): “You mean the sandpeople from Star Wars?”

(Wifey): “She’s talking about the Sandman character from Spiderman!”

(Me): “V, you mean the guy that turned into sand from the movie?”

(V): “Yeah!”

(Me): “Do you want to see him again?”

(V): “No, he’s a little bit too scary for me right now.”

(Me): “That’s okay honey, we don’t even have the movie, so we can’t watch it.”

(V): “We need to get that movie!”

(Me): “Why? You don’t want to watch him.”

(V): “For when I get a lil bit older and then I can see it.”

(Me): “Oh, okay. Well, when you get a little bit older, we’ll get the movie.”

(V): “That sounds like a good plan!”

2. Setup: V has accompanied me to the local hobby/game store many times—she’s even stayed to help me roll dice for a few games.  She loves running around getting into glue and looking at the models on display that “are like daddy’s guys.” 

A few days ago in the line at Target, V made an interesting observation:


(V): [Pointing] “Those guys are like daddy’s guys.”

(Me): “Who honey? [Looks to where she’s pointing]. “Those guys on those shirts?” 

(V): “No, those guys from the game store.”

(Me): “Do you mean those two guys are from the game store?”

(V): “Yeah.”

(Me): “Oh lord.” [Realizing that she means the two gentlemen look like the stereotypical gamers (i.e. heavyset, hygienically-challenged, and wearing superhero t-shirts), and she has equated that look with the folks that frequent our local hobby shop].

[Author’s note: I mean no disrespect to my fellow gamers since I’m a gamer myself.  Of course, if you don’t bathe yourself, you should, and that’s not really an insult, but rather an appeal to having mercy on the olfactory senses of your neighbors stuck in an enclosed space next to you for several hours.]

Can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next!