Sorry about the hiatus; I was back in MI with the family for a wedding and vacation of sorts.  Watching V interact with her 1.5 year-old cousin A was great, and, as usual, she came up with some great wisdom along the way.

1. Setup: I had just bought some old board games off a friend, and V got to looking at the boxes.  One of them–Solar Quest–seemed to grab her attention.


(V): “Can we play this?”

(Me): “We have to eat first.”

(V): “Then can we play?”

(Me): “Sure, we can give it a try.”

(V): “Yeah, it has some interesting things in it.”

2. Setup: We’re trying to wean V off one of her favorite drinks, Simply Lemonade since it’s basically just sugar water.  To help the withdrawal symptoms, we’re going to make some homemade stuff and see how that works.


(Me): “Don’t you want to make some lemonade?”

(V:) “No, I wanna dance!”

I guess that says it all!