By now you know the drill…

Top Chef-

Setup: We’re playing “kitchen” where we make some delicious pretend food and eat it.


(V): “I want you to make some ice cream.”

(Me): [Puts some noodles–standing in for ice cream–in a bowl]  “Like this?”

(V): “No, make a lot!”

(Me): [Adding more to the bowl] “Is this better?”

(V): “There you go!”

(Me): [Pretending to eat the ice cream] “Whoa, I’m eating too fast…”

(V): “You don’t have to do that.”

Tattoo Validation-

Setup: V likes wearing fake tattoos on her arms–usually dragons.


(V): “Daddy, will you put a tattoo on my arm please?”

(Me): “Sure.”

(V): “Daddy, you a big strong boy who puts tattoos on girls!”

(Me): “Thanks honey.”

Storyteller Extraordinaire-

Setup: After re-reading her favorite stories many times, I asked her to read/tell the story of Peter Pan using the book as a guide.


(V): Once upon a time, there was a George that was curious.  [She realizes she started a different story]

Once upon a time,

Once upon a time,

Once upon a time,

there was a man on a boat, and he crossed the sea.

Many years ago he saw the ocean.

And this is Peter Pan.

Once upon a time.

Stay tuned next week when we recount the Little Mermaid!