This week’s additions:

Ready to Go-

Setup: We’re heading to a Renaissance Fair this weekend, and everyone is really excited, especially when we were picking out our outfits.  We decided on our family theme (stop your snickering), and will be going as a band of adventurers.  But, since we had to run to the store (and that glorious day of fantasy was still 2 days away), we had to inform poor V that she’d have to take her outfit off and pack it away.  After reluctantly doing so…


(V) “Let’s go on an adventure!”

(Me) “Ok, we can go on an adventure to the store.”

(V) “I gotta get my outfit!”  [V runs to pick out a different outfit to wear to Michael’s, and then promptly falls asleep on the way to that magical land.]



Setup: Mom and I are bickering a bit while making the bed.  I’m trying to retain my Zen-ness after being near the ocean.  I’m sure my wife would tell it differently…


(V): “Watcha doing daddy?”

(Me): “Putting up with your mother.”

(V): “Why?”

Although I could just end it there, for completeness sake I replied “Because I love her.”  [It’s just not as funny that way, but I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about me.]


Too Cute For Words-

Setup: We, of course, hug V as often as we can.  When my wife and I hug each other, she used to like to squeeze in the middle.  Now when one of us picks her up and the other is nearby:


(V): “Family hug!” [With arms spread wide reaching for us both].