So it’s Halloween season in our household, and we’ve had some interesting conversations:

“Maybe when I grow up I can be a Jedi.”  (V trying to decide what she wants to be for Halloween…it’s a mermaid this year).

“Ooooo. It’s so dark and spookable!”  (V’s obsessed with things being spooky…including our jack-o-lanterns in the house).

“Tag, you’re it! [Touches us] I got you in the phone tag!” (V is slightly confused with the game tag and hearing mom talk about playing phone tag with her friends).

“I want to read my book at the play place so the big kids can see me.”  (Wanting to show off her reading skills of…C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity).

“That’s hilarious!” (Anything she finds funny, particularly some parts of her shows).