As my attentive readers may have noticed, I missed last week’s Thankful Thursday post.  There was a variety of reasons for this oversight, none of which include not being thankful for things that week, so…

This week I’m thankful that:

1. My folks made the journey down safely from MI and are enjoying spending time with their granddaughter; they even remember we’re here sometimes…

2. My wife and I attended the Master Class session of the Appalachian Writer in Residence Program; though I didn’t get to read, my wife’s poem generated the most discussion among the group and she was asked to submit it to the next Anthology!

3. Finding the coolest family stickers that people can put on their car. Though we would normally never do that, we just might make an exception for these.

4. A positive meeting with the campus dietitian who gave me the advice to eat more. So I celebrated with Mezzaluna and a big chocolate chip cookie (I’m not sure that’s what she meant).

5. Finishing my Science Fiction/Fantasy class on Coursera; I celebrated by reading a couple of entertaining books from Black Library (easy Sci Fi stuff).

6. Getting a great comment from the professor in our Modern American Poetry class (given that I’m not that into poetry, I consider it quite the accomplishment).

How about you? (Ya got 2 weeks’ worth).