Ok, a bit of a rant here against many of the males of our species.  Why do so many of you insist on being dirty, loud, obnoxious, and generally disrespectful?  I can hear the indignation (not that they’d use such a word) out there- “what are you talking about you *$@#?”  Let’s illustrate with a few examples that occur pretty much everyday in my experience:

1. You don’t often flush the toilet after “sitting down”.  (It’s really not that complicated a piece of equipment).

2. You often don’t wash your hands after leaving the stall. (Do you enjoy ingesting your own fecal matter? Or perhaps it’s a subconscious evolutionary vestige from our days as monkeys and it’s the 21st century version of flinging poo?).

3. Often, many of your comments to articles or other peoples’ comments to articles consist of droll insults (many times implying and then denigrating a particular sexual orientation), and such comments, despite lacking in sophistication, also lack in basic grammatical syntax.

4. You think you’re some higher power’s gift to the world, and many of your efforts seem to be focused on the opposite sex. (Spoiler alert-most people aren’t really interested in your come ons).

5. You act tough-especially when drunk-but probably have never been in a fight in your life. (Not that I’m some UFC champion or something, but at least I’m aware of that fact).

6. Driving and using you cellular device is a bad idea, no matter how good you think you are-at either. (To be fair, this criticism extends to all members of the species).

7. If you do work out at the gym, checking yourself out in the mirror is really just pathetic. (Hint: your muscle mass has not changed before and after that one set of reps you just did).

8. Just because you speak your unsupported opinion the loudest does not in fact make you right.  Nor does repeating it over and over make it valid. (There are these things called evidence and logic-they really help get your point across).

9. Waxing. Really? (If you’re not in Hollywood….actually, even if you are, again I ask, really?)

Now, obviously these are my own personal feelings on the above issues, and it certainly may sound like some vapid whining, but dang people, try putting the same effort into things that actually matter and you might just be someone who actually contributes positively to society for a change.

Perhaps later I’ll tell you what things ‘actually matter,’ as soon as I find the stairs leading down from this soapbox.